Forward Stride Offering Telemedicine Appointments!

We are excited to announce that Forward Stride has joined the growing community of medical professionals offering telehealth, or long-distance therapy, conducted through video. Our Rehabilitation Services and our Mental Health programs are open and set up to see current and new clients.

Rehabilitation Services include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech & language pathology. Therapists conduct tailored therapy sessions with clients to help them reach goals, maintain fitness, and prevent regression during this epidemic.

Our mental health program (called Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy) is offering mental health therapy sessions administered by therapists and practitioners with a variety of different backgrounds. We are gratified to be able to meet a growing need in these troubling times.

At this time, we do not bill insurance directly. Fees are paid out of pocket and we provide a “Superbill” which includes all of the information necessary to be reimbursed by some insurance providers. Our program staff will help you understand if this is an option for you.

To learn more and to register for Rehabilitation Services, please contact our Director of Rehabilitation Services, Sheila Stahl Butler, at

To learn more and register for mental health services, please contact our Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy Program Coordinator, Lisa Harman, at




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